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3 things to consider when comparing signage quotes.

All the time we have customers come in to get quotes & compare to others, but there are a few reasons why your quotes can vary that you don’t realise.

  1. Quality of Vinyl used.
  2. Measurements.
  3. Shortcuts.

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We have sponsored a lot of events, athletes, fundraisers and sporting clubs over the years and there is a few dos & donts to asking and keeping sponsors on board.

How to get them on board?


Fundraiser for Rally Round Riley

Fundraisers come under all sorts of banners, “Cancer”, “Depression”, “Homeless Families” and hundreds more.. but nothing makes you want to do all you can more than a sick child.

I love to help where I can & I am so grateful to have been asked to help with a few things with a fundraising day to help make life a little easier for little Riley. You can read Riley’s story at http://www.gofundme.com/2lfdytw


The latest!

By: Carlie  

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More projects

Latest work at Custom Design Signs - stubby holders & business cards!

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How do you do it?!?!?!

By: Carlie Rees  

How do you acheive so much... from business to family and the rest.

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The gift of giving Promotional Products!

By: Carlie Rees   On: 1 April 2015

Well what if you can buy 10 at a time or even 1?! We have no minimum orders and we hate set up fees - so why stock thousands of the same product & have your money sitting in a corner?

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Maitland Show, SA

By: Carlie Rees   On: 18 March 2015

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